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I have been covering protests for many years, documenting social justice movements around the world.

France (Nuit debout, Marches du 1er mai, Droit au logement, Marche contre l’homophobie, Women’s march against Trump, Marche antifascistes, Marche contre les violences policière…) , Algeria (Hirak) USA (Women’s march against Trump), Hong Kong (Pro-Democracy movement), Taiwan (Taipei Pride 2019).


Traveling is a gift. for the last 10 years I have been traveling around the world, documenting everyday’s life in countries all over the planet.

From Japan to Russia, and from the US to Tanzania, I will tell you all about my journey.


Photography is also about art, in this section i will show you my artistic projects.

The Hayek project and Liberté Project are part of my ongoing work.